Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Sparkle and Shine inspired card

Custom glitter!  Shiny! Sparkly!  To find out how to do all this, make sure to sign up for the Sparkle & Shine online class - check out this link here to see more about the class.  

The thing that totally blew my mind, however, was a basic thing - of course you would have your own specific color of glitter on hand.  I'm new to card making and I'd never thought about it and it seemed like fun!  I got some bulk super fine white glitter at the local box store, took it home, and in plastic cups (and using a plastic fork - no one wants to eat glitter for the next month) mixed a bunch of glitter with about 10 drops from the CTMH reinker bottles.  What I had on-hand came out marvelously.

Then I cut down a piece of crystal blue cardstock to a little smaller than a regular card size (4" x  5.25") and used the Happy thin cut to cut out the shape for the words.  Then I used a piece of double-sided adhesive and cut that down to the size of the Happy "hole" and applied it to the wrong side of the card.

The next part was super fun - I took the differently colored glitter and rubbed it into the exposed adhesive so it looked like a rainbow had left a mess on the card.  I brushed away the glitter, and watercolored a few thin cut hearts.  Then it was time for some embossing fun - I embossed the "Birthday" strip for the front and the same sentiment on the inside of the card.  I used the thistle ink and clear embossed it on the inside to match the sentiment on the outside of the card.  Embossing is still so much fun, it always seems like magic is going on when it starts appearing.  I used 3-D foam tape to add the "birthday" ribbon and the hearts onto the front of the card.  For the heart on the ribbon, I used two layers of foam tape so it would pop out more.

The final version came out looking so subtle & fun, but it's minimal enough that it "felt" like it matches the recipient's taste.

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